Who is Maz Dela Cerna?


Who am I? That is a really tough question to answer when writing about yourself. I am just an ordinary girl in Brisbane city, Australia. I am no better than the next and as far as being “special” I have come to live a life that most would see as ordinary. Yet, for me, being ordinary is so freaking special.

A lot of us don’t realise just how lucky we are and just how good we have it and I honestly feel that it is my calling to help shine the light on others. I want to help you see that regardless what you may have gone through, regardless of your past, no matter what others have done to you or what you may have done, you can be anything you want to be. YOU deserve to feel fulfilled and YOU deserve to live a life filled with happiness.

Even if you do see yourself as ordinary, being ordinary means you have a lot to be thankful for. Think of all the people living in poverty, war, abuse and in situations they have no control over. But here you are, online, checking out my website. Even that in itself is a blessing, how lucky are you for having the luxury to be able to jump online and do things out of pleasure. How lucky are you to just be you?

So who am I? I was born into poverty, was lucky enough to come and live in a country of freedom, Australia. I have lived on the streets, been addicted to drugs, molested as a child, I have died from being drugged and gang raped, I have struggled with paying my way and juggling three jobs at once so I turned to stripping, I have been in and out of abusive relationships, I’ve been overweight and unhealthy and I have suffered depression and even been suicidal.

But who am I?

I am a girl that decided to change her life for the better. I am a girl that wants to show you that you can too.

Featured in:

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Photo Credit “She Was Fierce Fitness Photography” - Brisbane