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No Matter What Kind Of Hand We Are Dealt, We Always Have The Power To Choose Our Next Move.

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Why Being Vulnerable Actually Highlights Your strength
Can Vulnerability Be The Answer?

I believe putting yourself out there, taking that leap, and showing vulnerability takes a lot more courage and strength than to keep quiet and do nothing.

Why Settle When You Can Have So Much More?
Sometimes We Get Complacent.

In the past, I have settled. I have settled for mediocre. I have settled in bad relationships, jobs that did nothing for my soul, settled for friends that you could hardly even call a friend and I have also settled in worse than ideal living situations.

The Biggest Life Lesson That Has Brought Me The Most Peace
Learning This Was The Game Changer.

Life is a journey that can be as beautiful as we want it to be. This one lesson in life has brought me the most peace and I wanted to share because I hope it can also bring peace to others.


My Weight loss journey

Did you know when I first decided to go online and start my fitness journey, I was 30kg heavier? If I had listened to my self doubts or worried about what others would think, imagine what I would have missed out on? There’s no better time to start than now. Stop wishing and just go for it!



If we feel good on the inside, we look good on the outside; just as we can make an effort to look good on the outside, it can reflect on the inside.
— Maz Dela Cerna

Health Starts From Within

Did you know that I am one of the Founding Advocates of the WORLD’s FIRST ORGANIC healthy food and goods app? Delivered straight to your door, you can be confident that all products are completely natural and chemical free.

Everything on the app is cruelty free, has no petroleum and no added hormones or antibiotics. There are thousands of products that cover categories such as food, skincare, groceries, make up, supplements and cleaning products.

Feed Your Soul and You Will Feed Your Mind, Feed Your Mind and Your Body Will Follow.
— Maz Dela cerna

5 Reasons Why You're Not Getting What You Want (And Other People Do)

Ever wondered why there are people out there that seem to always get what they want? Meanwhile, you're sitting on the sidelines in a job you hate, a relationship that is more than toxic or maybe you just feel that life is just a little too repetitive or even boring.


Healthy Eating Doesn’t Have To Be Boring!

A lot of people, (including myself in the past) assume that when you eat β€œhealthy”, you’re eating bland, boring and not so tasty food. It wasn’t until I started on my fitness journey and was exposed to so many diets, (including having to go on a diet myself when I decided to become a bikini competitor), did I learn to find ways to eat healthy, nutrient dense food that tasted amazing!

My friends, family and colleagues would all ask me how I made certain dishes and living a busy lifestyle, I learnt to make delicious food that didn’t take much time to prepare. I found that with balance, we didn’t have to give up any of the food we love, we just needed to make little tweaks and switch up some the ingredients!



Life Isn’t perfect but your outfit can be
— Maz Dela Cerna


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